The cost of cleanup and restoration services can vary greatly. This depends on the amount of damage, the insurance coverage that you have, and the difficulty of the job. Since every job is different, we can't provide you with an exact cost, but will help you understand the pricing structure. For example, the difference between the fire damage restoration and mold remediation cost. Since different techniques and chemicals are used, these will have a different cost.

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Mold Remediation Cost

One of DryPatrol's mold remediation specialists will inspect the areas of the mold and check the severity of the infestation. The typical mold remediation job runs a little over $2,000. Some jobs are as low as $500, while others can cost as much as $6,000.

Smoke and Fire Cleanup Cost

Fire damage cleanup jobs are complex. You must hire a professional company, like DryPatrol to handle this kind of job. Again, the cost of the job depends on the amount of damage. The average job is around $4,000. Some jobs are as low as $800, while other can cost as much as $12,000.

Water, Sewer and Flood Damage Restoration Cost

The national average for a water restoration job is around $2,500. The low end is around $500 and the high end is around $8,000 for residential homes. We can't quote the exact amount of the job without first seeing the damage. Because of this, you should use these numbers as a guide.

Working with Insurance

Were you lucky enough to have an insurance policy that covers mold, fire, flood and water damage? If so, we can help with your insurance, by acting as a liaison between you and the insurance company. Read more about our Insurance Consulting services.


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